May 27, 2010

Spanish Formula One Race

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2010 Spanish GP

I had planned on going to the F1 race in Spain but there was so much going on that weekend that I would only be able to visit the track on the day of the race. The cheap tickets were priced over $150 and that just seemed like a lot to pay to watch just one race. (There was a flying event on Saturday and there was no way I was going to miss that!)

The Friday before the event I happen to be talking to a client about my weekend plans and the fact that I was going to pass on the F1 race. The next thing I know I have a pair of tickets for the Spanish Gran Prix – and these were not the cheap tickets, either.

With the track less than 20 miles away, I am glad I went because I would have really regretted to have been so close to the track and not to have attended the event. In any case, I had a great time and I managed to take a few snapshots.